Back in 2011, Enterprise Hub introduced the very first angel investor programme to Trinidad and Tobago. The programme matches business start-ups with high net worth individuals, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs or retired executives, who are willing to invest in your business once they see good prospects for returns. For businesses with strong growth potential, a good management team, and a product or service that is ready to go to market, angel investment is a great opportunity to raise finance when banks and other lenders are not willing or able to provide the necessary finance.

As a business owner you get an injection of cash as well as valuable management advice and contacts from your angel investor in exchange for a share of your business. The angel investor gets a new investment opportunity that hopefully will lead to high returns. Enterprise Hub helps the business owners to be best prepared to present their proposals to the business angels. We also screen all prospective investors to ensure that they are also prepared and in the best possible position to invest in the businesses on the programme.

If you have a business proposal or start-up that you believe would benefit from obtaining finance and guidance from an angel investor get in touch with us now so we can start the process of getting you investment-ready. We also want to hear from those of you who are interested in joining the programme as angel investors. Apart from having the necessary finance, you will be willing to invest in high-risk businesses, and provide the mentorship and guidance that would give the new business every chance of being a success and generating high returns for both you and the owner.