Handle your Business! Sign up for online lessons in CSEC and CAPE business subjects.

We offer affordable online lessons in CSEC and CAPE business subjects for students all over the Caribbean where CXC examinations are available. Fourth, fifth and sixth form students, repeaters, and private candidates are all welcome.

Live group classes are conducted via Zoom, where the teacher covers the topics for that week and students can ask questions about any of the content and assignments. Weekday classes are evenings 5.00 – 7.00 pm and are delivered using Zoom.

Students have access to additional course materials including notes, worksheets, past papers and e-books.

Students will also be part of an online community where they can connect with their peers, share information and support each other.

  • Expert tutors

  • Fun, interactive sessions via Zoom

  • Support with SBAs and IAs

  • Course materials

  • Practice tests

  • Past papers

  • Exam tips and hints

  • Individual attention as needed

  • References for jobs or higher education

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to secondary education across the Caribbean, and with new protocols in place in schools, students will find it even more challenging to get the amount of class time and support they need to fully cover the syllabus and do well in their exams. But not to worry – we’re here to help.

Our highly qualified and experienced educators explain subject material in ways that make it easy for everyone to understand. We bring even the most boring topics to life, so that students can thoroughly enjoy the learning experience in every class and improve their chances of excelling in the exams.
Of course people have different learning styles, and our creative teaching methods, materials and exercises cater to these different styles to ensure that everyone improves their understanding and is as prepared as they can be.