Business Plan Writing

Get help from the professionals to put your business plan together. Enterprise Hub will help you to develop a winning business plan that you can use to obtain finance from your bank, a specialist lender like NEDCO, ADB, or Microfin, or an investor. Of course your business plan is not just for raising finance but acts as a roadmap for your business going forward.

We help you to come to grips with the structure and elements of a good business plan, understand what lenders and investors look for in a plan, carry out the necessary research and do the financial projections so that you end up with a plan that does justice to your business ideas. We discuss every aspect of the business plan with you in detail so that you fully understand both the process and the plan when it is completed, and you can explain it confidently when necessary.

Your completed plan will be written in plain English and illustrated with charts, tables and diagrams where appropriate, making it easy for a prospective lender or investor to read and significantly increasing your chances of obtaining the finance or support you need. You receive two printed copies as well as an electronic version of your business plan as part of the package. Our rates are extremely affordable, so that the money you spend represents just a very small investment towards getting the finance that you need for your business.