About Us

At Enterprise Hub we aim to provide value to our clients through services that meet their needs. We know what makes entrepreneurs tick and we understand business. Our services are designed to meet your specific circumstances while being affordable and accessible. We offer our services at times that fit around business owners’ work schedules – including on evenings and weekends – to minimise your downtime and loss of earning while you are benefitting from our support.

For us customer service is paramount. We do everything to try and exceed your expectations and ensure that your experience with us is always uplifting, rewarding and positive. We value your input and suggestions and encourage you to give us your feedback; do let us know where we can improve, and of course feel free to sing our praises when we meet your requirements.

Our team is a very diverse and experienced group of trainers, facilitators, business councillors, researchers and other practitioners who are excellent communicators and focus on determining what your needs are, understanding your particular circumstances, and helping you arrive at solutions that meet your objectives. We treat each client equally, from the person with a dream to the established business that is looking to take it to the next level.

We use tried and trusted methodologies but we also recognise that each individual and each business is unique, and that the environment for setting up and running business changes all the time. Hence we always work with you, the client, to offer services that best suit you at a pace that helps you to achieve the most from our support. Even our workshops where support is provided in a group setting are highly interactive with opportunities for everyone to contribute and be heard.