Social Responsibility

At Enterprise Hub, we believe in corporate social responsibility. We understand that we operate within a society and communities in whose wellbeing we have a vested interest. As such we bring to bear the resources, contacts, skills and ideas at our disposal towards contributing to social development.

Our philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to realise their dreams and aspirations in business or other pursuits. We are committed to doing our part to help people to overcome whatever challenges they may face in getting quality business support and advice, and setting up small or micro businesses.

Back in December 2011, Enterprise Hub - in collaboration with the Caribbean Sign Language Centre (CSLC) - ran a free Business Start-Up workshop at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine for members of the hearing impaired community . Participants expressed elation at having, for the first time ever, the opportunity to attend a business training session with sign language interpretation.

The attendees were a mix of people who had been thinking of setting up their own businesses and a few who had actually gotten businesses off the ground - a graphic designer, two seamstresses, a welder, and a fashion and accessory designer were among those who had taken the bold first step. Showcased on TV6 news segments later that week, the session was a vibrant and highly interactive one that showed that given the right opportunity, anybody with the right attitude, enthusiasm and drive can get on the entrepreneurial ladder.

We were able to parlay that keen interest into a full programme of business support for twenty seven Deaf and hearing impaired entrepreneurs. The programme covered a wide range of business topics spanning marketing, record keeping, and business planning among others. The entrepreneurs were further supported by the Ministry of the People and Social Development with seed capital, and have been able to get their businesses up and running, and benefit from the media coverage that the programme generated.

So kudos to CCNTV6 and Express for giving coverage to the training event and highlighting the issue of the challenges faced by members of the disabled community in receiving training and support for business start-up and development. Moreover the media coverage showed the obvious creativity, initiative and enthusiasm of the participants, which for us, made the effort totally worthwhile. We will continue to partner with Nicole Paul and the team at CSLC to bring quality support to the hearing impaired community, and remain willing to partner with others who can add value to the thrust to improve access to business support and finance for everyone.