Business Support Assessment and Accreditation

Enterprise Hub adds value to the business support sector through the development of internationally benchmarked occupational standards for both business support professionals and the business owners themselves. We conduct the necessary assessments for accreditation.

Programme Development, Monitoring and Evaluation

The principals at Enterprise Hub have deep experience of developing business support programmes to assist a diverse range of clients and communities. We work with stakeholders to develop programmes that meet the specific needs to the target groups and are delivered to achieve optimum short-term and long term impact.

We also assist with the monitoring of the programmes to ensure that targets and objectives are being met along the way, and corrective action can be taken where necessary.

Impact Assessment

Often the benefits of business support programmes are realised in the long term. At any rate, sustainability is usually a goal of any business and many support programmes are intended to enhance businesses’ long term viability and prospects for growth and development. Impact assessments are an important means of determining the long term value of any business support intervention. Enterprise Hub provides independent analysis of the impact of support programmes which informs the design and delivery of new programmes being considered.